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Big Fish

Big Fish

What is it to really know your own father? Meet Edward Bloom, played by Emmy, Tony and Golden Globe award-winner Kelsey Grammer. An ordinary man, and an extraordinary father. He has always told his son tall tales filled with beauty, love and imagination but when his son confronts him about what is truth and what is fiction, they go on a life-affirming journey that will change them forever. 

Booking from: Thursday, 2nd November 2017
Booking until: Saturday, 30th December 2017
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Dear Cancer, Love Victoria

Dear Cancer, Love Victoria

A much-loved and highly respected BBC journalist, Victoria Derbyshire has spent 20 years finding the human story behind the headlines. In 2015, she herself was in the news, after receiving a devastating breast cancer diagnosis. With honesty and openness, she decided to live out her treatment and recovery in the spotlight in a series of video diaries that aimed to demystify the illness. The diaries have so far amassed 17 million views. 

Booking from: Sunday, 8th October 2017
Booking until: Sunday, 8th October 2017
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Hershey Felder Our Great Tchaikovsky

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Hershey Felder Our Great Tchaikovsky

Hershey Felder’s Our Great Tchaikovsky is a time-bending tale of music, politics and one of the world’s most beloved composers. Known for the beautiful ballets Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, and the ferocious and melodic brilliance of his symphonic works, piano concerti, overtures, operas and chamber music, a healthy 53-year-old Tchaikovsky conducted the premiere of his enigmatic Symphony No. 6, “Pathétique” and, nine days later, he was dead. To this day, how and why he died is still a mystery. 

Booking from: Saturday, 23rd September 2017
Booking until: Sunday, 22nd October 2017
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